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Survival Graphics

What do you like about Minecraft textures? The colors? The style? I think we all like something about Minecraft textures.



Optifine is required for many features of this Resource Pack. Be sure you are on Minecraft 1.11-1.12.2 for this Resource Pack. This pack is not formatted for 1.13 and may not work right with 1.13. In order to run mods you will need to download and install forge. Download the latest version of forge for 1.11+, make sure to launch your Minecraft version at least once before installing forge. Once forge is installed you should see it located in your Profiles.

Screenshot Information

Some elements in the screenshots are not aspects of this Resource Pack. The rounded trees and underwater plants came from the Better Foliage mod. The snow and rain particles are from a mod called Fancy Block Particles. These mods are not required for this Resource Pack; however, I recommend these mods as great companions to this Resource Pack.

Texture Changes

Most standard blocks, such as dirt, stone, and ore, have been changed. This Resource Pack will make your world feel more realistic while maintaining Minecraft's normal feeling. This pack is meant to merge various elements that enhance Minecraft's gameplay and longevity.

Changed Glass (colored and normal): While I like the base glass in Minecraft I think it needs a change. With this texture pack, glass has a bigger area to see through without extra pixels in the way of your view.

New Ore Variants: Ores are an interesting concept in Minecraft. Ores sometimes are too simple and have little challenge to find in some cases. With this Resource Pack, ores are changed to randomly generate as more stone variants (excluding nether quarts).

Mobs: Every mob has something special. Most mobs maintain their original textures, however, some mobs have different variants. There are different coloration variants for almost every mob. Can you find them all? They are very rare and I have only found one since I tested my Resource Pack.

Tools: Tools have durability and break after a certain amount of usage. With this Resource Pack you can see this wear and tear progress in real time as the durability decreases on tools (not all tools are included).


There are many more small and big changes in this Resource Pack. I encourage you to give it a try and see if you can find some of the more elusive features.

Be sure to let me known what you like and dislike about this Resource Pack. I appreciate you taking time to check this Resource Pack out. Thanks!